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7 Ways to Work Well from Home

30/03/2021Hannah Richards


Setting up a permanent space specifically for working can help you get into the right mind frame. Choose somewhere that you won’t be distracted – whether it’s a desk in your home office or a corner of your dining table. Keep what you need in reach and leave your things in place so you can easily start again the next day. Fun desk accessories, colourful stationery and plants are great ways to make your workspace feel welcoming.



With the option to sink into the sofa or perch at your breakfast bar, it can be easy to forget about office ergonomics at home. Make sure you’re sitting in a comfortable seat that supports your posture and enables you to use your keyboard with your wrists and forearms straight and level with the floor. Set up your screen about an arm’s length away with the top at, or slightly below, eye level, and rest your feet flat on the floor or use a footrest if needed. Stay healthy in a safe seating position.


Changing out of the clothes that you associate with rest will psychologically prepare you for the working day. Getting dressed will increase your motivation to get started and also encourage you to leave your house for exercise breaks – whether it’s a stroll at lunchtime or at the end of the day. Changing back into your lounge clothes after work can help your brain to understand that work time is over, and you can relax.


Arrange your home working day as you would a day in the office by sticking to your working hours and lunch break. Planning activities either side of working can also help you to stay in your routine and avoid working longer hours – whether it’s a run in the morning or yoga when you finish.


It’s important to take frequent breaks and move around. Whether it’s getting up to make a cup of tea or for some fresh air in the garden, 5 minute breaks here and there can help you come back to the task at hand with fresh thinking and a motivated mindset. It’s also healthy to give your eyes regular relief from your screen.


Get plenty of exercise when you’re not working. It’s a great way to stay enthused and healthy after sitting in the same position for many hours of the day. Exercising first thing can help you get into the attitude that it’s time to work when you arrive back home. And, getting some fresh air is the perfect way to clear your mind when you finish.


­­Being at home all day can feel isolating, especially if you live alone. Stay connected to your colleagues to continue feeling part of your team, with real conversations during the day. Picking up the phone or can be much more stimulating and productive than emails. And video calls work really well to encourage engagement in discussion and creative thinking. Stay social and you’ll feel more satisfied with your working day.

By Hannah Richards

Hannah Richards is an author for Bisley Shop.