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3 Tips for refreshing your workspace

03/10/2023Olivia Tiley

Our idea of what a workspace is has dramatically transformed over recent years. With so many of us suddenly launched into the work from home life, our offices were transported into our dining rooms, spare bedrooms, hallways, kitchens and living rooms. Those of us who already had home offices, moved into those, and started working regardless of the space’s aesthetic value or efficiency. Hectic schedules left no time for home refurbs to allow for a permanent office – needs must, and we had to make our available spaces workable at an instant.

Over time, these spaces can become uninspiring and in need of a refresh. At this point, many of us have settled into what was initially a massive shift, now finding ourselves spending a significant amount of working from home, as a result, our workspaces have become intrinsic to not only our productivity, but our motivation and well-being. Here, we give our top 3 tips for refreshing your workspace to revive that feeling of productivity:

Tip 1: Fresh and functional

Incorporating furniture and accessories that combine style and function in your workspace is key to maintaining an efficient, productive and beautiful space. When a space is both beautiful and efficient, you can complete your tasks without the unnecessary distractions or wasted time trying to maintain comfort.

-Bisley Height Adjustable desk

If you’ve been using the same old desk for quite a while, it may be time for an upgrade. Sit-stand desks are the perfect addition to any working home office. These desks adapt with you, allowing you to sit or stand whilst working, increasing productivity and wellbeing – a win win! Comfort is key when working from home, and being able to work at various heights at your desk not only helps to reduce the physical strain of sitting all day, but can also help reduce brain fog.

-Bisley Poise desk

A strict clear desk policy can be tricky but is well worth it! Our Poise desk makes it simple with a beautifully crafted suspended steel shelf to house your most frequently used items, freeing up your desktop and letting you focus on the important stuff.

Tip 2: A place for everything

“A place for everything, everything in its place”

An essential part of maintaining productivity within a home office, and ensuring you don’t feel overwhelmed within it, is having a place for everything. Having organised and structured ways to store your work essentials encourages us to put our tools back in their respective places. Everything you need is close-by and exactly where they belong. You are able to grab and put back what you need with ease, no digging around to find the thing you just used! Providing convenience and familiarity can help support calmness and increase concentration.

– Bisley Mosaic

Our Mosaic is slightly different to the standard desk tidy; it has internal trays that can be taken out and rearranged. Bring the individual compartments to you as you need them and put them back without disturbing the rest of the trays.

– Shadow

This mobile pedestal keeps all of your tools neatly tucked away and in reach. Slide from underneath your kitchen table with ease to grab what you need, slide it back to conveniently keep your tools organised, or wheel it away at the end of the day, transforming your work station back into your living space. Putting your day away can really help compartmentalise work, especially when the line is so grey when working from home.

Tip 3: Injecting colour

A home office can be a space where you spend a lot of time, and working from home can be stressful, so it is important to inject some colour and to decorate with the things that make you happy. Whether you love the neutral, calming classics or bright and bold mood lifters, making sure the colours you love are present in your home office really helps personalising your space and making it more ‘you’ whilst also providing you with visual comfort and inspiration.

– Neutrals: Chalk, Traffic White and Goose Grey

Nothing says ‘refreshed’ like clean and crisp neutrals that brighten and revive a space. Our neutrals add a fresh and contemporary flare, perfect for promoting productivity and clarity in the home office.

– Brights: Coral, Lilac, Bisley Blue, Golden Sunflower, Bisley Orange

It’s no secret that we love colour!

Everything is better with colour – especially home offices. Liven up a space that has become dull by incorporating shades that invigorate your creativity! Whether you want some colourful accessories here and there, or to go all-out with colour drenched furniture, adding a colourful burst to your office can help boost motivation and inspiration.

By Olivia Tiley

Olivia Tiley is an author for Bisley Shop.