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The Importance of Personal Storage


In a new working world with a focus on hybrid working, collaboration hubs and hot desking, lots of small businesses are facing the question from employees: without a desk, where will I put my things?

One of the biggest challenges that employees have consistently reported over the past year or so is a struggle to feel connected or part of an organisation when working remotely. So, it’s more important, now more than ever, when welcoming your colleagues back, to give them a sense of belonging in the workplace.

In the past, lots of us had an under-desk pedestal or similar, with several drawers (which inevitably ended up filled with surplus stationary, endless paperwork and, let’s be honest, snacks), and it was no problem to leave a coat or scarf on the back of a chair, or pair of shoes under the desk – because you’d be returning to the same seat tomorrow.

Now, that’s unlikely to be the case – and it’s not a bad thing. A clutter-free workspace will mean clearer thinking and higher productivity, and a clear-desk policy is good practice from a security and safety perspective, too.

That being said, personal belongings are undeniably important. So how can you give your colleagues a sense of belonging and a place to stow their things in the new office environment?

People are creatures of habit, so having a personal storage space, in a shared office, helps foster that sense of belonging as part of something bigger. Having familiar and useful ‘things’ around them or close by helps them feel comfortable and happy, which – ultimately – contributes to a productive environment.

There’s also a practical element, too. For active commuters, it’s handy to store a change of clothes at work; for some, a ready-to-go business jacket for formal meetings is sensible; and, for most, being able to stash a raincoat or supplies for a desk-top breakfast is a plus.

One way to think about storage cleverly is to be bold: you could create storage that helps you repurpose your space – running along walls, reforming an existing alcove, or acting as a zone divider or perch point for meetings or gatherings.

By giving colleagues a designated steel locker, they’ll have the benefit of knowing their essential ‘things’ are at work waiting for them, while you’ll still have the flexibility to use your space differently from day to day with greater purpose and functionality.

You can build storage into your shared spaces, too – you just need furniture that helps you be a bit creative. A nice idea is to combine practical storage like, CLK Lockers and Essential Lodges, with display pieces showcasing work or materials that help remind your colleagues what the brand they’re a part of is all about.

Or, if you’d rather keep a more traditional sense of personal workspace-and-storage all in one, but modernise it to work for you, investing in single Cube lockers could be a good way to go. It means if colleagues are popping in for ad-hoc meetings or collaboration sessions, they can keep their coats, bags or lunchboxes close at hand for when they need them, without cluttering up the office or meeting room.

The rise in personal storage is at the forefront of any modern office, and is vital for creating a positive and uplifting workplace, where everyone has their own dedicated space that is personal to them and gives them the comfort of belonging.

From traditional steel CLK lockers to blocks of Essential Lodges Bisley’s personal storage has been developed to bring you and your colleagues peace of mind, so that you can focus on knowing your belongings are safely stowed away.

No matter the size of your business we have a solution that would be well suited to your work environment, from little locker Cubes that can be mounted on the wall to rows of column lockers and lodge banks to host a whole load of personal things. We offer a wide variety of choice so you can style your lockers and lodges to work with your business branding or your personal style. Shop our range of personal storage solutions now