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5 Home Office Ideas to Inspire your Creativity


Whether you’re working from home or have carved out a space for your favourite hobby, a home office should inspire your creative flair. Try these ideas to make sure yours helps you get down to business…


Colour can make a big difference to how you feel and, how you work. Blue is a stable and calming shade that stimulates focus. Green is restful for the eyes and relaxing. These colours along with comforting whites and greys are great for setting a welcoming mood.

Warmer shades such as red and orange evoke feelings of excitement that can boost your creativity. Similarly, yellow promotes optimism. Add accents of bolder shades to enrich the power of colour in your workspace.


Working at a desk means a lot of time spent sitting. And an uncomfortable chair can cause irritability, disrupting your creative flow. Choose a seat that cushions you and supports a healthy posture.

A standing desk can promote movement and energy. It allows you to change your position throughout the day, helping to boost your productivity. Design your home office with comfort in mind, adding rugs and art to help you feel at home.


Plants are powerful. Neuroscience proves that they promote a healthy, productive environment with better wellbeing. Greenery inspires an open mind, and a positive mood makes it easier to think creatively.

Research has even shown that tasks are completed faster and more effectively in a green environment. Adding some natural touches is a proven way to help you feel content in your home office and lift your creative performance.


Having a place for everything and everything in its place can make sure you stay focused on the task at hand. Use every trick in the book to organise your home office. As they say…tidy space, tidy mind.

With under desk pedestals, filing cabinets and desktop drawers all your useful items are in reach. There’s no time wasted or stress caused trying to find what you need. Remove all barriers to your creative flow with a well organised workspace.


Let the inspiration flow from outside your four walls. Position your desk in front of a window for a view. Being able to gaze into the outdoors opens your mind while the natural light is healthy for your eyesight.

When the weather allows, open the window. Let the fresh air flow into your workspace to improve the air quality and keep you alert. A warm and stuffy room can cause tiredness, disrupting your creative stream.