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5 Ways Plants Boost Workspace Performance

30/03/2021Hannah Richards

Plants are powerful. Neuroscience proves that they promote healthy, productive workplaces with better employee wellbeing and performance. We uncover five key ways natural foliage has a positive impact in the office…


Greenery inspires an open mind. And a positive mood makes it easier to think and problem solve. When we’re positive, we’re also better at getting along with others. Plants contribute to a happier, higher performing and more creative work environment.


Enriching a workspace with plants can encourage a perceived air quality and feeling of satisfaction. If we’re more satisfied then we also have a better attention span and can concentrate more easily. Feeling content in the worksplace plays a big part in employee wellbeing and success.


Green offices inspire more engagement among employees and naturally, this stimulates productivity. Research has also shown that tasks are completed faster and more effectively in a green environment. The impact of plants stems from the individual to the wider team.


When we’re positive, satisfied and productive, we’re relaxed. And spending time selecting and tending to plants at work can also help to lower stress. In today’s fast-paced working world, plants have a calming influence on hard-working employees.


Rich displays of greenery in shared public meeting areas can lead to more friendly behaviour and successful relations with clients or customers. Plants are beneficial in busy working spaces as well as more casual communal meeting areas.

By Hannah Richards

Hannah Richards is an author for Bisley Shop.