AN INSIDE LOOK: The Lifeguard

Whether it's for business or pleasure, in today's modern living environment there is a growing need to fit in a lot more into the working day which in turn means carrying around more of our personal belongings.

We went undercover to find out how 'on-the-go' professionals transport their increasing number of valuables while keeping them safe. This week we caught up with 40 year old Carl Harris a Lifeguard from East London.

Tell us about your job?
So, I work in a newly built leisure centre in East London as their lifeguard.

How has your job changed over the years?
I used to be a swimming coach in my early 20s but then became a lifeguard in my 30s. Both jobs are responsible but just in different ways. Now I'm in charge of the pool area and look after everyone's safety.

How much luggage and valuables do you carry?
My phone and wallet are the most valuable things I carry. I have to have a change of clothes too. Going to the local pub after work in my swim stuff isn't a good look, although I don't know, the ladies might like it - I'm thinking Baywatch right now.

Where do you currently store everything?
We have lockers for the staff. They're not just any lockers you know, they're very state-of-the art. When you come to the centre you get a special rubber wrist band and you use this to open and lock the locker. It's good because sometimes you don't have anywhere to put padlock keys or if you're anything like me, I always forget the padlock numbers.

How important are lockers in your day-to-day?
They're very handy to have. It's just a safe storage place which is really handy. It's not like I sit behind a desk and have drawers so yeah, a locker is useful in my type of environment.

What do you keep in your locker?
Spare uniform if we need to make a rescue, a towel and toiletries. My bag containing wallet, phone, lunch, and on weekends my going out gear. Jeans, t-shirt and trainers or a shirt depending if we go up town.

What would make your life easier in terms of personal storage?
I think I'm all sorted really, like I said I don't really have to store that much. For me it's all about just keeping what I do have in a safe place.