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Bisley and MARK Product join forces in new partnership announcement

Feb 27, 2024|

Bisley is delighted to announce that we are joining forces with MARK Product. This is an exciting collaboration between one of the UK’s oldest and youngest furniture brands.

Bisley has made significant investment in MARK Product to enable it to expand its reach within the workplace, as well as enabling an enhanced product development journey with a focus on sustainable soft seating and outdoor furniture.

MARK, which stands for Made and Realised in Kernow (‘Cornwall’ in the Cornish language) was first established in 2008, and is led by their designers and founders, Anna Hart and John Miller.

Having launched to great acclaim in 2008, the MARK portfolio contains furniture from leading UK designers, Tomoko Azumi, Dylan Freeth, Sam Johnson, Sarah Kay, Andrea Stemmer and Gala Wright, as well as by founders, Anna and John. The MARK brand is recognised for its leadership in sustainable furniture, most recently through their B-Corp accreditation.

Since their inception, MARK Product has remained highly desirable among the A&D community, along with specialised high-end and sustainable office furniture project providers. Like ourselves, MARK Product is a UK manufacturer; their focus on sustainability and commitment to the environment is vital to our joint success.

Co-founder of MARK Product, Anna Hart says; “It’s always been a driving force for us to design furniture that we can confidently stand by with regards to the ethics and values of our product’s production and lifecycle, therefore partnering with Bisley as a progressive, heritage brand will enable us to build more extensively on this core foundation.”

Richard Costin, Bisley CEO said; “Bisley is delighted to invest and continue its diversification into new product areas, specifically soft seating and outdoor furniture, which we believe has huge potential both in the UK and overseas. Bisley’s rich heritage combined with our ambition to innovate and diversify means that MARK Product is a fantastic brand to partner with; we both believe in furniture that is ‘Made for Life’.

“Although storage products manufactured in steel and wood will continue to be at the heart of what we do, strategically Bisley continues to diversify into a sector that does not compete with our main customers and that perfectly complement our product portfolio. We also intend to work with MARK Product to produce a list of specific ranges for Bisley’s online consumer sites.”

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