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Technology company

Creating a collaborative workplace for the future with secure personal storage


The office environment transitioned from a cubicle style, to an open workstation set up, as the company wanted to create a more communicative and collaborative workplace. The removal of the high wall cubicles, and having smaller privacy screens, catered for this need and allowed a more open-air work environment.

The company also required new, easily accessible personal storage that was close to hand. Bisley chose the Caddy as the ideal personal storage solution, with the seat cushion allowing colleagues to visit, sit and work with other colleagues easily. Whiteboards were fitted for each workstation for quick access notes and memo capabilities.

Height adjustable desks were fitted allowing each employee to ergonomically choose how they would like to be at their desk, therefore each piece of furniture installed needed to fully support their own personal workstation - a work space they could return to daily and that provided privacy but is also integrated within the floorplan to support a more
collaborative atmosphere.


Bisley modified the dimensions of the Caddy and the seat pad by adjusting the overall depth of the units to fit within the Tech Companies specific workstation. The whiteboards were also designed bespoke to fit the screens of the workstation perfectly. The large quantities ordered meant that we easily had the ability to accommodate altering dimensions to suit the client project. We were the only manufacturer able to do this for the client.


Bisley helped the organisation achieve cohesion, co-working and collaboration. We provided practical storage facilitation to store personal items safely and offered the solution the client wanted by helping the employees stay happy with the new shift in culture, style, and office design. Our bespoke design solutions, precision engineering and manufacturing meant we were able to oblige to the changing requests of the client.

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