Allied Irish Bank

High density archiving


Allied Irish Bank (GB), provides retail and commercial banking services in over 47 locations throughout Great Britain. They asked Creed-Miles, the Surrey based contract furniture specialists, to provide a cost-effective, secure storage solution.


Working alongside Creed-Miles, Bisley installed InnerSpace into many of the bank’s locations. The design, colour and style of InnerSpace allowed it to be installed in public facing front offices, making it easier for staff to access files quickly when needed. As all the bays are lockable, documents are safe, vital for the confidential files stored by financial institutions.


In a head office building, InnerSpace provided the equivalent storage space of 455 traditional filing cabinets. This mobile shelving system can increase the capacity of existing storage areas by 100%; by opting for InnerSpace Allied Irish Bank saved a considerable amount real estate cost, especially as extra rented storage space was no longer required.

“Bisley’s InnerSpace was the perfect solution. It enabled branches to cope with the high-density archiving of files efficiently and easily, which was a particular problem for the smaller branches. The vast amount of storage absorbed by InnerSpace saved a lot of unnecessary spend. Another important aspect of InnerSpace is the fact that existing filing can be relocated easily if and when required meeting another requirement of Allied Irish Bank(GB)” Creed-Miles

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