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We do the Outline, you do the rest

Dec 2, 2020|

Bisley’s Outline perfectly fills the gap between office life and homeworking with stylish, practical pieces of furniture and storage.

Step away from the traditional home office with Outline by Bisley. Outline is part of Belong, our new collection of hard-working furniture, which has developed as a reaction to the new working patterns that many people are now encountering in 2020. As there is a shift towards greater remote working, task furniture needs to be able to work as well at home as it does in the traditional office. Designed to establish a distinctive workspace with a personal touch, Outline shapes your environment for a sleek, minimalist and modern look, allowing you to focus and stay on top of your workload in style and comfort. Add style to your workspace with this fully customisable range.

Crafted from hand-welded steel tubing for a seamless finish, the Outline Desk’s robust yet elegant frame invites you to add your personality and style to the space. Available in a stunning palette that spans from neutral tones to vibrant pops of colour, Outline can instantly become the focal point of the room. It ensures that the objects you cherish and the elements of the home office you need, are always close by. Productivity and personality can simultaneously flourish in this creative and adaptable workspace. The Outline Desk has three different options to fit with a myriad of settings: choose Outline with shelves, a back panel or the desk on its own, for a truly minimalist look. Outline allows you to accessorise and create your own perfect working space.

Outline Storage echoes the design aesthetic of the Outline Desk, with the elegant frame sitting on a well-proportioned cupboard. It is available in four heights, from a triple frame to a cupboard without a frame on top. Outline Storage allows you to effortlessly display what you love and hide what you need! Personal to you, Outline gives you the freedom to showcase your personality and customise to suit.

Will Knight, designer of Outline commented, “Moving away from my usual day-to-day to be part of the design team working on Outline was exciting. We were approach by Bisley’s CEO, Richard Costin, to look at our manufacturing capabilities and develop something to suit the new ways people are working during the pandemic. The Belong collection, Outline included, stand on their own merit. As people eventually start to filter back into the office, this collection will continue to suit home life as they are aesthetically pleasing. We wanted to get both sides of the factory, wood and steel, working together and we did! It was challenging and interesting at all time but an achievement to show what can be achieved in a short space of time with the right people onboard.”

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