Locks that you can depend on

Aug 10, 2023|

When it comes to storing your personal belongings safely and securely, it’s imperative that you have a locking system that you can truly depend on, for total peace of mind.

We design and manufacture the highest quality storage and furniture solutions, and this is true of the locks that we provide too. Working with a selection of trusted lock specialists, we’re able to guide and advise you when it comes to choosing the best lock for your environment.

We understand that the way in which many of us now work has changed, with the need for flexibility, connectivity, and dependability at the forefront. Smart lockers can drive efficiency and give employees a sense of belonging. Our range of lockers and lock partners, both electronic and mechanical, can meet even the most challenging privacy and security needs of the modern workplace, leisure, education, or healthcare setting.

Hard-wired smart lock software is the very latest in locking technology, enabling you to take away the hassle of relying on keys and having to be on-site to manage each locker. How does this work? Control tablets can be embedded into storage and controlled via an app on either a phone or device, allowing managers to control secure storage from anywhere in the world. Management can limit contact and allow for personalised features to be added, as well as granting or denying users access, and switching the locker from private to public mode. These hard-wired locks also offer the highest level of security with automatic anti-theft alarms.

We work with a selection of highly regarded lock specialists, Keynius, Digilock, Gantner, Ojmar, and Lehmann. Each offers a range of benefits and features, such as a sleek, modern look, the most advanced management systems, and most importantly, the highest security solutions to protect personal belongings. Providing a range of both electronic and mechanical locks, our partners are able to assist with the most challenging privacy and security needs.

We have many years’ experience and so we’re able to recommend a selection of the best locks for your needs. We always accommodate each customer’s specific security requirements, working closely with our trusted lock partners.

For more information on a selection of hardwired, RFID and mechanical locks that we currently recommend, take a look at our new locking technology page.

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