We are delighted to share with you our annual Sustainability Report and accompanying Green Guide. Publishing a formal report has become standard practice for businesses worldwide as stakeholders seek a broader base of information with which to evaluate company performance beyond their bottom-line financial results.

This Sustainability Report highlights our significant achievements and upcoming targets when it comes to our people, customers, society and community, the environment, and our business.

The accompanying Green Guide has been adapted and includes an introduction into our sustainability pathway, highlighting our commitments, aims, and successes, in a beautiful, succinct way. Readers are encouraged to read the Sustainability Report for more in-depth information and statistics. The Green Guide also includes interviews with several members of the team to maintain a more relaxed, informal literary piece.

Richard Costin, Bisley CEO, said; “As Bisley, we often use the phrase that our furniture is Made for Life. And while that is true of our products, we also take that ethos into every part of our manufacturing processes and company culture.

“We want to create furniture that lasts a lifetime for our customers; made from the highest quality materials, using the latest innovative technologies and processes with minimum impact on our environment.

“As we now look ahead, we are pleased to commit Bisley to continuously improving upon the high standards we set ourselves – for our colleagues, customers, and our future.”

Kieran Keohane, Compliance and Sustainability Officer said; “The past 12 months has seen the company make significant developments in our sustainability journey. A key factor behind this progress has been the implementation of shared values and a clear vision, which has required cross collaboration throughout all departments.

“The Sustainability Report has been created to effectively communicate our vision and progress to all stakeholders in a transparent and measurable way. The Report highlights our values, where we are and where we are going, ensuring everyone is sharing responsibility to improve and create a genuine, ethically minded, sustainable company. Changes have varied between small initiatives, from implementing battery boxes for recycling, finding end of life solutions for our products, all the way to going beyond value chain mitigation and helping alleviate environmental injustices around the globe.

“Moving forwards, focus will not only be on reducing our carbon footprint, but also on increasing our carbon handprint, making significant efforts to improve both the environment and the lives and well-being of others.

“Another big drive for this year will be increasing our engagement with charities and the community, as well as a commitment to ensuring that we provide an environment where people feel comfortable to express how they are feeling, offering a positive framework for employee welfare, and supplying the appropriate support.”

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Our Green Guide and Sustainability Report can be found here.

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