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Introducing Bisley Coral!

May 11, 2022|

Introducing Bisley Lilac and Bisley Coral – two new paint colours we’re launching for 2022!

These colours are available in a whole of host of furniture and desktop accessories from our extensive Belong collection – as well as selected products for the contract market.

Inspired by the renavigation between digital and analogue worlds – in which life slowly switches back from screens to real life, Bisley Lilac is a hue from the digital realm that is also found in nature. Its rich, deep shade evokes tranquillity and productivity while adding a soothing mood to any room.

On the other hand, Bisley Coral is uplifting yet comforting colour that feels cosy and familiar. It symbolises warmth and positivity as we navigate our way out of the pandemic, looking for certainty and reassurance once again. Symbolising warmth and positivity, this beautiful earthy tone is sure to bring joy and inspiration when introduced to any space.

Discussing the inspiration behind choosing these new paint colours for 2022, Bisley’s Creative Director, Jeanine Goddard said; “The new way of living and working in the last two years has led to a significant change in perceptions of how colour can be used in spaces, with a more strategic emphasis.

“For me it’s all about the palette – and working in a considered way with hues that may not in themselves be supersaturated but can be brought together in different ways to make statements, whether nuanced or bold.”

“At Bisley, we regularly use our Palest Pink and juxtapose it with complementary shades of ethereal lilac and the earthy tones of coral – in some ways all neutrals with grey hues,” adds Goddard. “The overall effect is tranquil and light, but the level of seriousness or playfulness can easily be dialled up or down to suit different settings and personalities.”

You can find out more about Bisley Coral and Bisley Lilac here.

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