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How to use colour to boost employee wellbeing

Sep 18, 2023|

In this latest blog in our wellbeing series, Jeanine Goddard, Creative Director at heritage office manufacturer, Bisley, discusses the effective use of colour and how different shades can enhance your workplace.

As many of us now split our time between the office and home, we’re seeing increasing demand for the workplace to replicate some of our home comforts, including the furniture, accessories, and the colours we choose to paint our walls.

Choosing the correct colour for your workspace is crucial not only for the way in which it can make us feel, but also for productivity, contentment, creativity, and happiness. Ask yourself, what would you like your workspace to convey and what type of work will take place in that space? Is it a small nook or a large, spacious area? Do you want to introduce a calm area where employees can rest and recharge for a while? Are you hoping to create a bold statement when visitors arrive at your office? The answers to these are all dependent on your aims, so taking the time to really think through your aims is crucial to maximising the space you’re working with.

Colour is often used to enhance overall wellness, allowing us to connect physically and mentally. Different shades can be used for a myriad of experiences – according to medical research platform, Verywell Mind, who have extensively studied colour and its psychology, colour can impact our mood, our behaviour, our productivity, and our responses to different situations. Different colours on the spectrum evoke a wide variety of feelings and emotions. Reds, oranges, and yellows can represent feelings of warmth, creativity, passion, or even anger while purples and blues often bring a sense of calm and relaxation but can also represent feelings of sadness and despair.

When choosing to update a space at work, consider its aim and function. A zen space should evoke a feeling of calm and serenity and to further enhance, this we’re seeing more introductions of neutral tones, such as beige, creams, and browns. Supporting both wellness and sustainability, these subtle shades can be used to create a calm atmosphere, but also to bring the mood to a level where employees feel comfortable enough to relax and unwind and ready to take on the next task. These shades also incorporate natural materials and fibres, such as cork and linen.

Spaces that are reserved for brainstorming and creativity should be unapologetically bright and playful. Inspiring new thoughts and ideas, colours such as orange, radiate joy and optimism, meaning a boost to energy levels and raising our heart rates. According to WGSN, research shows that orange is a colour is associated with wellness and inclusivity. This can have an overwhelming impact on the general office culture, productivity, and output.

To create a more reassuring and renewed workspace, try using a calming palette using green and blue shades. These colours represent a feeling of newness, growth, and wellness. For employees, these colours are known to reduce stress and boost concentration, while also providing comfort and relaxation - these are colours we think of when discussing nature and our environment. Why not use a sage green shade in a work booth or pod? This is likely to bring clarity and peace to an employee, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

Lavender has long been associated with spirituality and therapist treatments and its popularity has grown significantly in recent years following the pandemic as it represents hope and new beginnings. Used to complement neutrals such as greys and whites, lavender is a shade that is often used in larger spaces, such as conference and training rooms. Why not also incorporate some lavender accessories into the space to encourage collaboration and clear-thinking? This shade can bring with it a meditative mindset, allowing you to feel calm and ready to take on the day.

Choosing the correct colour for your workspace is key to boosting employee wellness. Take time to consider the space, its aims, functions, as well as your brand’s aesthetic to truly maximise your working environment. Our broad range of products are available in a wide range of paint colours, meaning your furniture can really pop and enhance any workspace, providing a true space to thrive.

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