Harrow Council

Harrow is a diverse outer London Borough, approximately 10 miles from central London. The Council is a large and complex organisation which employs over 4000 people and offers hundreds of services to residents. These services, from housing and education to recycling and social care, affect the everyday lives of almost 240,000 local people.

To help to meet the challenges of running a modern organisation and to continue meeting the needs of the public the council is running a ‘Mobile and Flex’ project designed to change the way they work.

Collaboration is high on the agenda, so as well as IT updates to assist home and flexible working, the Mobile & Flex team have made changes to encourage more movement around the building so teams can physically work much closer together when required.

Jyde Omotajo – Project Manager at Harrow Council said “We wanted to enhance how we used our workspaces and give our employees the best environment to work in, but at the same time we needed to rationalise accommodation and minimise costs.  Hot desking and agile working was the answer and the products Bisley have supplied have helped us to transition into this way of thinking effectively”. 

Individual pedestals have been replaced by lockers in many departments.  Not only does this give employees more space to store personal items, the location of lockers has enabled the creation of break out spaces ideal for collaborative working.  Lockers have also helped the council implement a clear desk policy, making it easier for employees, and in many cases contractors, to move around the building and work with different teams at different times.

InnerSpace mobile shelving has provided easy-access high density storage.  In one area, storage was increased by almost 20% by putting tambour style cupboards within InnerSpace. Floor space is being used more efficiently and the area is now much brighter and tidier.

Jyde continues “Our goal is to create a forward thinking and future proofed office and our new furniture is really helping with the change to mobile working.  Bisley has been very professional throughout, from advising which products would be most suitable to the slick installations. And they always meet quoted lead times which is a great help when you’re managing multiple projects”.

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