Bristol City Council

New ways for personal storage

Working alongside Elm Furniture Contracts, Bisley provided Bristol City Council with a range of storage solutions for its new offices at Colston 33, Bristol, to support new ways of working for all employees, including an element of flexible working.

The solution included the provision of 145 workstations, with 132 MySpaceLockers in a variety of colours for those employees who do not have allocated desk space. 194 Bisley Side Tambour Cupboards were provided for general storage needs.

A common height of 52" was adhered to in the open plan offices to achieve a balance between capacity, line of sight and air circulation. MySpace locker units have been interspersed throughout the standard storage to enable personal storage to remain close to the working areas, the six different colors have been used to delineate sections and departments and aid orientation through the office.

Flexibility, personal storage.
Side Opening Tambours , Personal Storage
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