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Space Saving

The Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) had a requirement to reduce real estate costs and recognised that this could be effectively achieved through the introduction of a flexible working programme, which involved consolidating staff into one new building in Cathays Park, Llandudno.

Previously, WAG used 78.7" x 71" Radial desks with a Pedestal underneath for personal storage, with additional storage provision in the form of side filers and side tambours. In the new workplace environment the desk footprint was reduced to 55" x 31.4", meaning that pedestals were no longer appropriate. In addition, all desks can be shared workstations, so a new storage solution was required.

As a result of extensive research the Bisley product that has been established as the “Standard” is MySpace™ Locker/Drawer Combination including 2 x 12” drawers and 2 x 12” lockers, this provides 39" of filing storage and 19.7" of personal storage for 2 users in each unit. All employees, irrespective of whether they are permanently based or itinerant, has a MySpace™ locker.

Extensive consultation with employees took place to select the most appropriate design and in this context, high gloss white was picked as the preferred colour for MySpace™.

In addition to the MySpace™ Locker/Drawer Combination units, Bisley InnerSpace™ mobile shelving is included within all WAG buildings for the storage of Registered Files.

WAG now operate on a desk sharing ratio of 8 : 10, once sick leave, holidays and working patterns are accounted for 7.2 : 10 can be achieved. This represents significant saving and rejuvenated, dynamic working environment for the employees of WAG.

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