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Bisley Towers

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Bisley LateralFile™

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Featured projects

Blue Mountain Capital Management

When leading international trading desk manufacturer Technology Desking required a specially-designed mobile pedestal to suit their New York City financial client Blue Mountain Capital Management, they knew their best solution would be a company... Find out more

New Look

Fashion retail giant New Look’s latest offices, located in London’s West End, project the same high-style brand values as its network of stores.The workplace brings together 350 staff, formerly located in both London and Weymouth,... Find out more

BBC Salford Quays

Storage has been brought to the fore at the BBC’s new premises at Salford Quays. Extensive specification of Bisley products in a wide array of eye-catching colors ensures that storage on-site is very visibly at the heart of the flexible... Find out more

Latest news

  • Choice in the evolving workplace

    For some time now, we have been hearing about the imminent death of the office. Yet the day of its demise never actually seems to come any closer, which explains why all of those reports that once presented a '2020' vision that incorporated a world devoid of workplaces have now set their eyes on more distant horizons as the actual year 2020 approaches.

  • Sustainable supply chains and green building design

    We are rapidly developing a global perspective on sustainable supply chains and green building design, driven by the needs of sophisticated clients and some of the world's most influential people.

  • Knowledge management in the agile working economy

    Bruce Whitfield considers how the move to more flexible working practices must be balanced by the continuing needs of businesses to bring people, and their knowledge, together.