Meet two of our team

Our Bisley Workshop team are at MACH 2016 this week. It's a busy time for them, but we persuaded two of our engineers, Tom Stepien and Sam Ostrolenk, to take a few minutes out of their schedule to talk to us about the Toolstor range.

What’s your role at Bisley and how long have you been with the business? 
TS:   I’ve been a Product Design Engineer for seven years, but I’ve been with Bisley for 11 years in total. 
SO:  I’ve been at Bisley for eight years now, and I’m currently a Product Development Engineer.

What part did you play in the development of Toolstor? 
TS:  I acted both as the Product Designer and Implementation Engineer, so I led many aspects of the development.  I had to make sure that the products matched our customers’ needs and were versatile for usage in many environments as well as engineering the products for production.
SO:   I was involved with the product development to refine operations and improve on the design where possible. We knew we had to make sure that the range was user-friendly and efficient in terms of utilising space.  So we worked very hard to maximising the internal space and creating units in various practical sizes and configurations suitable for many manufacturing environments. 
TS:  We both got involved with the testing of the products.  We loaded over one tonne of weight on the shelves inside the Heavy Duty Cupboard. They are pretty tough!

Tom & Sam
Tom Stepien and Sam Ostrolenk on our stand at MACH 2016

Do you have a favourite product? 
TS:  Probably the Heavy Duty Cupboard because of how sturdy it is.
SO:  For me, it has to be the 7 Drawer Mobile Tool Cabinet.   I believe we have genuinely achieved what we had hoped for and more with this product.  The cabinet is compact and agile allowing for easy manoeuvring, but tall enough to store all the necessities.  The agility comes from the heavy duty castors which allow for full 360 degrees rotation on the spot.  As well as being incredibly practical in a busy industrial environment it looks great with its hard wearing textured paint finish, wide fluted runner lining top and smooth aluminium push handle.
TS:  Not a product, but the best feature in my opinion, is the ‘push-to-shut’ door handle and lock which is fitted to the entire cupboard range. It’s a unique three-point paddle action handle and lock that is extremely useful in a busy hands-on environment. If your hands are full or dirty you can just push it with your knee and it immediately closes smoothly and locks securely.

Finally, how would you describe the Toolstor range in three words?
TS: Robust, high-quality and classy
SO: Robust, practical and sophisticated