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Two is Bisley's innovation arm and the home for great workplace technology and is developing a portfolio of intelligent and proactive technologies.

Two delivers best in class services that drive towards enhancing understanding and performance of your workplace and transforming the user experience.


We combine 70 years of workplace experience with modern technologies to identify and solve problems and improve your environment's performance.

How do people and things interact? How might the space be improved and become more productive? Whether your workplace is an office, factory, school or even a building site, we can help make things better.


Understanding how users move and interact within a space is critical to enhancing the comfort, safety and effectiveness of the environment. Two's high density WiFi based RTLS generates discreet and dynamic movement 'big data' to an unrivaled level. Tailored analytics and user dashboard show detailed multi-site intelligence, enabling you to measure, understand and improve the workplace.

Case study: The Mall

For a 55,000m2 shopping Mall with 2 floors, 7 entrances and 110 stores:

Two’s Real Time Location Services were deployed to record footfall, dwell time and customer routes. Initial data for one store showed that only 37% of all visitors actually entered the store. Applying our RTLS data, we profiled visitors and their movement, enabling staffing, promotions and signage to be tailored to suit; resulting in reduced costs and visitors to the store more than doubling within a month.

Case study: The ship

On a multi-level cruise ship, designers originally had little empirical data upon which to base their plans. We installed RTLS throughout the vessel, and equipped with a full year of location and movement data, designers were now able to analyse actual performance. They increased space in areas with most demand, raised revenue by building more cabins in under- utilised space, and improved guest experiences by monitoring which entertainment acts had the best attendance and amending schedules in response to demand.


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