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Introducing the NEW Belong collection

We’ve a long history of designing exactly the right product for the right time, and now more than ever, the workspace is ripe for reimagination. Whether you’re at home or in the office, Belong by Bisley gives you flexibility - with hardworking, savvy solutions that don’t compromise on style – so you can thrive, no matter your location.

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Are you sitting safely?

Even though many of us have been working remotely for a while, the mass move to working from home calls for us to re-assess whether we’re working safely. Take care of your wellbeing with these tips for a healthy home working setup…

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Make Working from Home Easy with a MultiDrawer

Stay organised, stay motivated and stay creative. The MultiDrawer is your compact companion to help you work easily from home, with all your necessities easy to find and in reach. Here are 3 ideas to make the most of the MultiDrawer in your home workspace…

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7 Ways to Work Well from Home

If you're working from home, it's important to look after your wellbeing. Take a look at our tips to stay healthy and motivated.

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5 Home Office Ideas to Inspire Creativity

Whether you work from home or have carved out a space for your favourite hobby, a home office should inspire your creative flair. Try these ideas to make sure yours helps you get down to business...

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5 Paperwork Filing Tips from a Professional Organiser

If you have piles of paperwork around your home and don't have a filing system then this may be the solution for you! Professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn has been using the MultiDrawer to organise her clients' homes for over ten years. Vicky talks us through the simple yet effective process...

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Why Working from Home is Good for your Wellbeing

The way we work is changing. Technology has made it easier than ever to work away from the office and employers are increasingly open to more flexible arrangements. Whether working from home is a regular or occasional choice, there are many benefits for your career, health and happiness. We unpack the reasons why...

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Small Spaces - The Nook

Here, what was once just wasted space under the stairs has been transformed into an organised work centre. It’s a practical space, but the exciting use of colour and design represents the flair of the individual.

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Room to think - The Den

If you’re looking to set up your own home office, it’s important to create a space which suits you: with the right atmosphere for your way of working. Here, we see a space which is considered, organised, and boldly beautiful.

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Style your space - The Bedroom Workspace

To make the most of space, a corner of a bedroom can double as a small home office area. Far from sticking out, when practical furniture is carefully chosen it enhances the overall style of the room.

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How to Organise Your Paperwork with the MultiDrawer

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