We don’t always have the luxury of as much room as we would like.

Often, when trying to find somewhere to work, we resort to the kitchen table or hunching over a laptop on the sofa. It may seem like a home office is impossible to accommodate. But even the smallest of places has potential. Take a look around your own home and you are likely to identify areas that could be useful. Here, what was once just wasted space under the stairs has been transformed into an organised work centre. It’s a practical space, but the exciting use of colour and design represents the flair of the individual.


Let’s start by taking a desk. The Cito Goalpost desk is easy to assemble, and looks stylish with its steel frame and floating top design. It’s striking but also practical, with levelling feet and, to protect the wood floor, it has felt feet pads. But, most importantly, it beats working on the kitchen table.


Next, the chair. The Iulius Task Chair provides a smart and supportive seat. It’s easy to construct, and has a mesh back, adjustable seat pads, and castors to enable easy sliding. Having a chair which is comfortable is essential to allowing you to become fully immersed in your work. Certainly, it’s better for you than slouching on the sofa.


Then, the storage space for filing paperwork. The Suspension Drawer Home Filer is compact and lightweight. It has a flush front and integrated handles, comes with two A4 suspension filing drawers and is partly lockable. The filer provides a place to organise and securely store important documents and paperwork. So, the next time you need to find a letter in a hurry, they’ll be no need to dig through piles of jumbled papers left on the coffee table.


Last, but of course not least, a place to put your stationery. Here, we have the Multidrawer. A true design icon, this award-winning drawer unit provides practical and stylish desktop storage. Each of the five drawers is fully removable, includes an integrated label holder, and can also be customised with insert trays, so you can always find what you are looking for. As well as being extremely useful, the units can be an eye-catching feature of your workspace.


We have put together a bundle offer to help get you started. It includes the desk, the chair and the MultiDrawer: the fundamentals of transforming a small area of wasted space into a zone of organisation and productivity.

You’ll find that a little space can make a big difference.

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