To make the most of space, the corner of a bedroom can double as a small home office area. Far from sticking out, when practical furniture is carefully chosen it enhances the overall style of the room.

Ergonomic and chic

The Cito goalpost desk is ideal for use here as, while it's strong and practical, it has a minimal, chic design. The Iulius task chair complements the desk perfectly with its subtle look. It's ergonomically designed, with a range of adjustable settings for comfort and support, and it's easy to assemble. Its smooth castors make it well suited for use in carpeted rooms. The way the desk area has been positioned near the window makes the most of the natural light. If desired, the desk could also double as a dressing table.

Bespoke storage

A true design icon, the MultiDrawer, seen here in sriking Bisley Pink, is as stylish as it is useful. The ten-drawer underneath the desk may be useful for storing stationery and the five-drawer by the bed could be used for bedtime essentials, such as makeup remover wipes and moisturiser. Each of the drawers is fully removable, includes a label holder, and can be customised with insert trays, to allow you to create bespoke and flexible storage.

Effortlessly practical

The two-drawer filing units provide convenient and discreet suspension filing storage for paperwork. With a minimalist design, the units look good, while being practical and lockable. By placing the two side-by-side in this way, they also form a display surface. This works well with the shelving space above, keeping the furniture as an integrated part of the bedroom environment.

Pop of colour

Here, the soft colour scheme of the bedroom is complemented by the stylish furniture. By choosing the key items in a neutral Traffic White, the furniture fits in with the chic style of the bedroom, while the bright Bisley Pink MultiDrawers add a pop of fresh colour.


By choosing items in a colour scheme that matches your style, you can create a productive and useful work area that doesn’t look out of place in your bedroom. We have put together a bundle offer to help get you started. It includes the desk, the chair and the MultiDrawer: the essentials of stylish organisation.

A well-considered home workspace can be a functional and attractive part of a room.

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