If you’re looking to set up your own home office, it’s important to create a space which suits you: with the right atmosphere for your way of working. Here, we see a space which is considered, organised, and boldly beautiful.

Ergonomic and attractive

Start by choosing the fundamentals: a desk and chair. When setting up your home office, it’s vital to choose a chair which is comfortable and supportive, as well as looking the part. The Iulius Task Chair is ergonomic and attractive. It’s easy to assemble, with a number of adjustable settings, and castors to enable easy movement - even on carpet.

Stand-out design

The Cito loop leg desk is practical and easy to assemble. It’s also unusual - with a loop-leg design which really stands out. It is available in a range of colour combinations. The desk chosen here has a beech top and white legs, to fit with the carefully balanced colour scheme to keep a bright and stylish look.

As well as the area for focused work, there is also a more relaxed chair by the window. This makes the most of the natural light for activities such as reading, sketching or perhaps just for watching the world go by. Although the chair isn’t available via our shop, if you’re interested in creating a reading nook in your office, this chair is available direct from Bisley.

Versatile and stylish

Next, decide how to organise everything you need close to hand. By the window, there is a combination home filer. This versatile unit is perfect for keeping a home office tidy; it gives space for filing and for storage. It is robust and stylish with a classic front design. The colour chosen here, Anthracite Grey, co-ordinates exactly to the dark grey feature wall.

Iconic storage

In the units by the feature wall, the five-drawer MultiDrawers give more versatile storage for small items, such as stationery or art supplies. As the drawers can be customised with inserts you can design bespoke storage. The iconic MultiDrawer is available in a wide range of colours. The colour chosen here is Traffic White - providing a splash of light against the deep feature wall.

Inspiring yet practical space

It’s ultimately all about making a space which inspires. It is however, important to make it a space that is practical too. On the feature wall, a thought provoking picture hangs between two discreet Essentials units. The Drawer Unit and Cupboard act as both an area for storage but also for display. Each unit has had a wooden top added to compliment the Cito desk. Finished in anthracite, to match the feature wall, the cupboard is great for tucking away items that may otherwise clutter the space. Meanwhile the matching drawer unit is a secure storage solution for any important files and working documents.


Create a room to represent you, and reflect your unique way of working. We have put together a bundle offer to help get you started. It includes the desk, the chair and the MultiDrawer: the building blocks of your own home office.

A well-designed home workspace can be a means of self-expression, and a source of inspiration.

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