This office design is all about building an environment which creates the right feeling for employees: one of being part of the company’s culture, a collaborative member of a team working towards shared goals.

Unique and Versatile

This informal and interesting area is ideal for collaborative working and discussions. The artificial grass carpet and the beanbag seating create a relaxed atmosphere, and there is a smart wall for brainstorming the ideas that flow in this creative environment. Although unconventional, it is also a very practical space. Against the wall two Essentials Tambour cupboards single bay have been used to establish a area for storage. Meeting room equipment can be stored discreetly out of sight, whilst books can be arranged to be browsed. Multidrawers are added to the Stage units, and to the side, giving a splash of colour and providing storage for the organisation of smaller items, such as pens for the smart wall.

Encourage collaboration

The office design really demonstrates that a working environment can be stylish as well as functional. Each person’s workspace has a Cito desk, an ergonomic Iulius task chair, and a Note pedestal. The pedestal has space for filing and for personal storage. The seat cushion on top is a handy perch point next to each person’s desk, encouraging open and collaborative ways of working. The desk spaces also feature five-drawer MultiDrawers for desktop storage. This design classic is both useful and beautiful: a real feature of the room. It’s these little details that can put people in a positive frame of mind.

Vibrant and uplifting

Throughout the office, the chic neutrals of the core office products are enlivened by eye-catching pops of bright colour: Bisley Pink and Bisley Orange. Introducing strong colour to the workspace can uplift, creating a place people love to be in, and it’s an exciting way of creating a vibrant space which champions your brand’s personality.


In the smaller glass-walled room, two-door units in bright Bisley Pink provide a convenient place for storing equipment. Even in an unusual and modern working environment, traditional storage has a place. By keeping the room tidy, it can be flexible; it could be used as a small meeting space, a conference call room, or even a break out space (depending on the evolving needs of the company).

A sense of belonging

A company with a lot of mobile workers face a challenge in ensuring that they feel like they belong when they are in the office. Here, lodges make the most of walkway space and create a place for mobile workers or hotdeskers to store their things. Studies have shown that when people know their things are safe, they have peace of mind and a sense of belonging. This helps roaming workers to feel as welcome in the workplace as if they went there every day.

This office design shows how important creating the right environment can be when encouraging a new company's culture. We have put together a bundle offer to help you get inspired. It includes a desk, a chair and a pedestal.

Creativity encourages collaboration.
And as ideas flow, so does productivity.

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