An office design should inspire creativity, enable focus and promote collaboration.

Design for the creative sector

Beyond just being essential for self-representation, having a beautifully-designed office is beneficial for
productivity, creativity, and wellbeing, as well as for recruitment and staff retention. Investing in interiors that inspire lets staff know that their company cares.

With office design for the creative sector, it’s particularly important to pay close attention to detail to ensure that the environment meets the aesthetic as well as practical needs of the business. Here, the exposed brick of the building is complemented by the retro chic colour scheme of Anthracite and Bisley Orange.

Clever little details

The Cito desk, chosen here in Anthracite and walnut, has a stand-out ‘floating top’ design. Beside each desk is an executive Iulius task chair - beautifully designed with striking arrow-shaped armrests. It’s little details like these that show a thoughtful approach to the aesthetic of the space.

Deliberate designs

Each desk area has a bold pedestal for storing day-to-day items conveniently close to hand. And, to provide storage for larger items there are the units at the back of the room. Rather than having a run of the same door, the cupboard fronts are a mix of two-door and tambour-door. Varying the door options makes a subtle feature of the cupboards.

Creative connections

Within the main room, a meeting area has been defined using a light wood partition. Creating a space in this unusual way means it is open and light - the perfect place for creative conversations. The chairs shown here are the Brado basket chair; an ergonomic yet playful choice. The chairs are available to view on our corporate site.

Fresh perspectives

Putting individual desks together to form a large seating area, gives flexibility: the space could be used for small meetings, or used by freelancers as their desks for the day. The lodges are an ideal place to store the belongings of people working at these desks.

Of course, this area may also act as a change of scenery for workers to get away from their desks when a fresh perspective is needed.

The Brado Olé chairs also provide an invigorating splash of colour and featuring plants in office design has been shown to increase employee happiness and productivity.

You can see how creating a beautiful environment can show employees that you care. We have put together a bundle offer to help you. It includes a desk, a chair and a pedestal.

Thoughtful details nurture a positive environment for creative individuals to flourish.

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