Everything you need to establish an organised and positive working environment

A Place for everything

The design of this office creates calm and order. Here, in the meeting room, there are lodges so that visitors have safe storage for their belongings; and there’s a cupboard for meeting room essentials. Having a place for everything creates an organised space, free of clutter, allowing participants to fully focus on their meeting. The colour scheme is neutral with bright stand-out colour details: Azure and Bisley Pink. Selecting the core products, such as the table, in neutral and the storage in exciting colours is a cost-effective method for keeping a company’s personality prominent. It also means that the look of an office can be updated easily by buying different colour storage items, without having to replace all of the fundamental furniture. Having a well-considered colour scheme creates a positive environment, as do the plants throughout the office. This concept of bringing the outside inside is known as ‘biophilic design’, and it has been shown to increase employee happiness, wellness and productivity.

Well-considered and convenient

Each workstation is built around a Cito desk. With its striking ‘floating top’ design, the desk is sturdy yet elegant. Complementing each desk is a stylish and supportive Iulius task chair. Every workspace has its own pedestal which includes two smaller drawers for personal storage and a larger drawer for individual filing. The desk user has everything they need on a daily basis conveniently close to hand. The pedestal is lockable, ensuring that people know their items are safe, and confidential paperwork can be secured overnight.

An organised environment

For office storage, there are the tambour cupboards at the end of each bank of desks. The cupboards are perfect for use here both because they are desk height, and because the fully-retracting shutter doors mean they do not obstruct the walkway. The cupboards are ideal for organising things that are used fairly frequently, such as the paper to restock the printer. For storing items that are used less frequently, perhaps archived records, there are the two-door high cupboards at the back of the room. They can be used for storing and filing securely as they have fitted shelves and are lockable.

Secure space for visitors

The receptionist’s workspace is also made up of the Cito desk and the Iulius task chair, and includes a tambour unit for storage. Here, the unit is a taller model which is used to divide the room. A top has been made to place on the unit to create a sign-in desk. Within the reception area, there is a bank of lodges and a cupboard. The individually-lockable compartments are useful for storing the personal belongings of visitors. This ensures that the office remains free of clutter, but also, by designating an area for this purpose, visitors are welcomed with a safe place to store their things.

A sense of belonging

At the back of the reception is a waiting area made up of seating and a magazine stand. These products are not currently available through our shop, but if you are interested in these items for equipping a larger office, please see our corporate site. The seating, the magazine rack, and the MultiDrawer on top are in the brand colours of Azure and Bisley Pink, as used throughout the office. Details like this are an easy and cost-effective way to create an environment that encourages a sense of belonging, as it immerses employees in your company’s brand identity.

Creating the ideal office

This well-designed space shows what an office can be - an environment which is positive and organised, and which promotes the company brand culture. To help you get started, we have put together a bundle offer. It includes a desk, a chair and storage: the fundamentals of creating the ideal office.

A place for everything, and everything has its place.

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