What is the warranty period on Bisley products?

It ranges from one to ten years, depending on the product. You’ll find specific details in the ‘Technical Information’ section on the individual product pages of the website.

What does the warranty cover?

All Bisley products are guaranteed to cover all defects in materials and workmanship. The guarantee is only valid with the original invoice or proof of purchase. The guarantee does not cover damage resulting from misuse, neglect, or accidents. Failure due to fair wear and tear is specifically excluded. Guarantees are not transferable and can only be exercised by the original purchaser and is only applicable to the UK Mainland.

Where can I find the warranty certificates for your products?

The warranty (guarantee certificates) are available in the 'Resources' area of our corporate website.

Are your cabinets fireproof?

Our cabinets aren’t classed as fireproofed, so we don’t claim they give any form of fire protection to the contents. Fireproofed cabinets are double-skinned, filled with fire retardant material and only available from specialist manufacturers at a high price premium. In a severe fire, a normal steel cabinet won’t catch alight, but the contents will simply ‘cook’ (char). We do have certification to BS 476: Part 7: ‘Surface spread of flame’ for our painted surfaces and plastic tambours.

Do you have any ‘how to’ videos?

You’ll find over 20 videos on our YouTube Customer Support Playlist. They cover a range of common tasks, from removing and fitting drawer slides, to changing a lock barrel.

How can I get a replacement key for my Bisley product?

If you have purchased an item through the Bisley Shop and require replacement keys, we are unfortunately unable to supply these directly to you. You may purchase keys from our lock supplier Lowe and Fletcher.

To purchase the correct key, use the five-digit number from the relevant lock barrel - if the number only has three digits, add the prefix 92.

Essentials units (Drawers, Cupboards, Tambour Cupboards and Lodges) and Pedestals have AB Series locks. BS Filing Cabinets, AOC Filing Cabinets, F-Series and Home Filers have 92 Series locks.

You can contact Lowe & Fletcher directly for these:

Tel: +44 (0) 121 505 0400
Fax: +44 (0) 121 505 0420



How do I remove a drawer from my Bisley unit?

The instructions below detail how to remove a drawer on certain units. For your own safety, remember to empty the drawer first.

Just click on any of the links below to download the relevant PDF. Bear in mind these instructions are intended as a guide. If you’ve any questions, please contact us.

BS Filing Cabinets Oct 2010 onwards

AOC Filing Cabinets

Removing pedestal file drawers

Removing pedestal stationery drawers

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