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Bisley is proud to launch its new MultiRange, pieces designed to complement and accompany our design classic. The MultiRange allows you to create your own bespoke setup, suited perfectly to your needs - so you can always perform, whether you're in the office or at home.


Take your organisation skills to the next level with the nifty new MultiTask. A tray that fits perfectly onto your MultiDrawer, your go-to items will always be to hand.


Attach a classic icon to your desk. With Bisley's MultiSling, you can be savvy with your space, without compromising on function.


Bring a design classic into your home office with Bisley's MultiDesk. Stay organised while working comfortably and maximising space.


With elegant legs and adjustable interior shelving, the MultiSideboard suites beautifully with all of the MultiRange, providing a minimalist place to pop your belongings.

The MultiDrawer - a true design icon

  • Designed by Freddy Brown in 1958

  • Awarded a Design Guild Mark in 2017

  • Over 5 million manufactured

  • Sold in 50+ countries across 6 continents

  • All made in South Wales, UK

The Bisley MultiDrawer is an award-winning design classic that’s as versatile as it is iconic. Compact, robust and available in a broad range of colours, it fits in any setting, from home offices to industrial workshops and everywhere in between.

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