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Product specifications

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AOC Filing Cabinets

BS Filing Cabinets

Card Filing Cabinets

Card Index Cabinets

CLK Lockers

Contract Double Filers

Economy Shelving

Economy Sliding Door Cupboards

F Series Cabinets

Integrated Pedestals

MonoBloc Lockers


PFA Home Filers

Plan Files

CC Filing Cabinets

Economy cupboards

Double Filers

Product information and assembly instructions

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Economy Sliding Door Cupboards

Contract Double Filers

PFA Home Filers

Card Index Cabinets

How-to videos

Filing Cabinet Drawer Change

Filing Cabinet Runner Change

Side Filer Drawer Removal and Fitting

Roll Out Removal and Fitting

Shelf Removal and Fitting

Replacing A Shutter

Replacing A Pedestal Rifle

Side Filer Drawer Unit Levelling

EuroTambour Feet Levelling

Centre Partition adjustment - LateralFile or SystemFile

LateralFile Removing and Fitting A Door

SystemFile Removing and Fitting A Door (Riveting)

LateralFile Door Alignment

LateralFile Counterweights

LateralFile Roll Out Fitments

SystemFile Removing and Fitting A Door

Replacing A Pedestal Drawer

Replacing and Adjusting a Glide Door

Tower Castor Removal and Fitting

Tower Shelf Removal and Fitting

MonoBloc - Fitting Adjustable Levellers

Economy - Changing the Door Lock

Economy - Changing a Door

LateralFile - Replacing a Drawer Front

LateralFile - Flipper Install and Removal

Essentials - Replacing a Lock

Plan File - Replacing Sides

Plan File - Replacing a Drawer

Changing Bite Unit Lid

MonoBloc - Fitting Units Together

SystemFile Lateral - Lock Replacement

Changing Bite Unit Lid

Essential Filing Cabinet - Fitting a Rail

LateralFile Tambour - Replacing a Lock

MonoBloc - Fitting Non-Adjustable Feet

Essential Tambour - Lock Replacement

Replacing Adjusting a Glide Door

Pedestal - Replacing a Drawer Front

Pedestal - Replacing A Runner

Tower - Feet Levelling

Glide Unit Assembly Full Sequence

Pedestal - Lock Change

LateralFile Roll-Out Fitment

Shelf Removal and Fitting

Tower - Replacing a Drawer Front

Tower - Lock Replacement

Pedestal - Feet Levelling

Desk Assembly

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