Vetrospaces leave no room for bacteria, poor air quality or noise distraction, leaving you free to maximise your productivity and wellbeing in the workplace. Soundproof phonespaces and office pods designed to create peaceful and healthy working environments.

Integrating three technologies; Visual Light Disinfection (VLD), clean air HEPA-13 ventilation, and antiviral catalytic nano-coating, leads to astonishing results creating the safest pods in the world.


Outstanding soundproofing capabilities are achieved with sturdy sandwich panelling, triple layer double-glazed glass with sound control film, and EcoFelt – which is an excellent sound absorber made from 90% wool. Vetrospace is proven to reduce sound at 32dB based on the ISO 23351-1 standard and achieves an STI (Speech Transmission Index) of 0.03.

Intelligent CleanAir system

Silent tunnel technology and a double filtration system allows pure air to flow silently and efficiently through the Vetrospace.
Prefiltering, plus a HEPA-13 filter removes even the smallest harmful air particles, 99.90% of them and impurities, and a CO2 sensor increases the airflow as more people enter the space.

Antimicrobial lighting

By stepping into a Vetrospace you automatically activate VLD (visible light detection) white lights. Scientifically proven to restrict the growth of microbes, this pure white, flicker-free light means bacteria doesn’t have chance to grow while you’re working.

When you leave the Vetrospace, the VLD blue disinfection lights turn on, generating a powerful antimicrobial effect that kills up to 99.9% of microbes, but is completely harmless to humans and material.

Together with an Intelligent CleanAir system and VLD blue light technology, the Vetrospace products belong to the ISO-7 cleanroom classification.

Vetrospaces can be easily specified to suit any work environment. Choose from six booth sizes (1m2 to 12m2),five structural layouts and three specification levels.


CUBESPACE – Soundproof design with standard ventilation.


Smart ISO-7 ventilation removes up to 99.9% of particles


Smart ISO-7 ventilation with antimicrobial lighting (to reduce microbes by up to 99.9%)

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