Introducing Buddy, the personal height-adjustable storage solution, and Design Guild Mark winner for 2022. An alternative to the versatile free-standing Note pedestal and Caddy, Buddy is the perfect desk-attached companion to your working day.

Businesses are beginning to see the benefits of active working and have started adopting a sit/stand culture in the workplace.

Buddy moves vertically with the desk as the height is adjusted, ensuring that any user can quickly and easily access their belongings, whether sitting or standing - the perfect solution for a productive work environment.

Buddy comes with a choice of locking options and additional USB charging capabilities.

The attachment bracket fits many popular desking platforms as standard and can easily be adapted to fit any new desking system.

Available in an extensive palette of standard finishes, Buddy can add a pop of colour or blend with your work environment – you can even choose a wood front if desired.

With your office Buddy, you can feel reassured that not only are your belongings stowed securely, but that they are always within reach, for maximum productivity.

Buddy: the perfect desk-attached companion to your working day.

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