Life may be unpredictable, but you can always count on Bisley. For over eighty years we’ve been quietly creating innovative products that meet the evolving needs of our working world. We’ve a long history of designing exactly the right product for the right time, and now more than ever, the workspace is ripe for reimagination.

Whether you’re at home or in the office, Belong by Bisley gives you flexibility - with hardworking, savvy solutions that don’t compromise on style – so you can thrive, no matter your location.

As we all adopt more flexible working patterns and adapt our working environments, Belong creates a sanctuary wherever you are, so you can focus and stay on top of your workload in comfort.

When your place of work shifts from day to day, having a dependable, personal space maintains a sense of connection - wherever they’re placed and however they’re used, Belong always performs.

Belong. Wherever you work.

A brand new collection available in a wide selection of colours and finishes, including 3 new steel shades.

• Breadth of configuration options to fit any space or style at home or the office

• Compact solutions for small spaces and tuck-away under desk storage

• Stylish storage cupboards and shelving to match desking for a complete setup

• Clever desktop accessories compatible with products across the collection

Poise by Bisley

Balance productivity and style, no matter where you work, with Poise by Bisley. A collection of stunning workspace pieces that work beautifully together or create a colourful design feature on their own. Made from natural plywood, steel and aluminium, the materials contrast exquisitely, adding style to your workspace

Outline by Bisley

Step away from traditional desking and display with Outline by Bisley - the beautiful office frame that lets you fill in the details. Ideal for establishing a distinctive workspace with a personal touch, Outline helps you shape your environment for a sleek minimalist look.


Bridge’s versatility connects you to your workplace. Its breadth of steel colours and wood textures means that the fun is in creating exactly what you imagined. And, when your work is done, pack your day away so you can focus on the rest of your priorities.


Bisley’s award-winning MultiDrawer has always been a practical, yet stylish storage solution. And now Bisley is proud to launch the MultiRange, pieces designed to complement and accompany our design classic. As we all adopt more flexible working patterns, The MultiRange allows you to create a bespoke setup, so you can always perform, whether you’re in the office or at home.

Hideaway Wall

Pack your day away with Hideaway!

We understand that multi-functional spaces need clever, thoughtful furniture solutions. When space is at a premium, the Hideaway range’s discreet and compact desk systems allow you to work when needed and then pop everything away within the desk carcass once you’re finished.


Be productive, everywhere you go.

Shadow by Bisley brings you open mobile storage that can follow you around wherever you go. There’s no need to rummage through your belongings – Shadow ensures everything you need is easy to reach, right next to you, wherever you are.


Inspired by Bisley’s Pedestal, but reimagined to meet the modern workplace needs, Pal is the perfect solution for mobile storage in the home or the office. With a large choice of colours, Pal is an attractive and flexible addition to any vibrant, agile space.


With many of us working longer or more flexible hours, it is vital to make sure your monitor is at the correct and comfortable height. Available in two widths to suit different screens and desk space, Platform’s minimalist design ensures that your display is always lifted.


Organise your work materials meticulously around you with Bisley’s new Mosaic range. Handy hooks and trays come in a variety different sizes that can work together with your other work tools. Designed to complement many of our products and with a wide array of colour options, you can mix n’ match Mosaic to suit your style.

Belong creates a sanctuary, wherever you are.

Download the Belong Brochure here.


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