Workplace storage for you and only you

The era of hot-desking is over for the foreseeable future. Buddy by Bisley is our latest personal storage solution - your own personal locker right under and attached to your desk.

Buddy by Bisley can be your right (or left!) hand man to help with all your office storage needs - for you and only you.

As workplaces adjust to focus on individual rather than shared spaces, personal and safely accessible storage plays an important role. Storage that is secure and within reach of a user’s safely distanced space, will be welcomed by employees in the return to the new workplace environment.

Buddy is designed to stow personal belongings and frequently used office items. With a choice of internal configurations, items can be stowed securely and conveniently.

Buddy’s compact and space efficient design allows users to stay connected with their work, whilst maintaining a clutter free desk. With your office Buddy, you can feel reassured that not only are your belongings stowed within your safe personal workspace, but that they are always within reach, for maximum productivity.

Designed to accompany static or height adjustable desking, Buddy is desk-attached as opposed to free standing. This means that it moves vertically with a height adjustable desk, ensuring that the user can quickly and easily access their belongings – whether sitting or standing.

Robin Bayliss, Group Sales Director for Bisley commented:

“Sharing in the office is not a good idea for the foreseeable future, from your desk or chair to your pencil. Storage and importantly lockers, are a key consideration too because of touching the lock - this is where a Buddy is the perfect solution. Rather than sharing lockers or going to your normal row of lockers you can now have your very own locker. Right by your side, right under your own desk, just under the top, Buddy can secure all your possessions, including your lunch as your kitchen might temporarily be closed too. We have had huge success with Buddy since we designed it last year and have already sold over 10,000 of them."

Buddy is offered with a choice of locking options and additional USB charging capabilities. The attachment bracket fits many popular desking platforms as standard but can be easily adapted to fit any new desking system.

Available in an extensive palette of standard finishes, Buddy can add a pop of colour or blend with your work environment – you can even choose a wood front if desired.

Buddy: your perfect desk-attached companion for you and only you.

Discover more personal storage solutions for the safely distanced workspace in our other ranges:

Caddy offers secure mobile storage and can be conveniently positioned under a desk or used to create space division. Available in widths of up to 1000mm, it’s a useful and flexible solution for creating personal zones in the workspace.

Our pedestals range from under-desk drawer space, to pull-out storage that extends the work surface. They’re the simple way to keep personal desks clutter-free.

A clever twist on the standard pedestal, the Bite wraps neatly over and under bench desking systems and single workstations. Space efficient, it’s ideal for personal storage and can be used to help demarcate a worker’s safely distanced space.

Towers sit at the end of the desk to give you ample, secure storage within easy reach. Available in multiple heights, they’re ideal for large binders, suspension filing, stationery, personal belongings and more. They too can be cleverly positioned to create clearly defined individual areas.