Wood Meets Steel in Bisley's Latest Storage

Ever since launching the iconic MultiDrawer in 1958, Bisley has pioneered innovative storage that meets the challenges of the time and stays relevant, decade after decade. Its mission is to keep creating products as attractive as they are useful. As Europe’s leading manufacturer of steel storage, Bisley knows how to get the best out of this great material. However, Bisley is less well known for its design capabilities with wood, including the fact that it has in-house wood production facilities.

John Atkin, Managing Director of Bisley, said “Using wood isn’t actually that new to Bisley, but as fashions have changed and the demand from our customers grew for more homely, natural looking furniture, we made the strategic decision in 2015 to enhance our capabilities through investment and acquisition. We now have the skills to combine the strength and durability of steel with the pleasing aesthetic qualities of wood to provide a unique choice of solutions for an extensive range of markets, all from our Newport factory.”

As workplace and residential design increasingly blurs, designers are looking towards furniture that blends commercial and residential aesthetics; a softer look that still has the durability for a high traffic environment. Designers strive to create unique-looking products that are tactile, attractive and practical, features which Bisley incorporate into its wood and steel combination products.

Bisley’s wooden repertoire includes not only entire wooden products, but also wood used as a product finish. Wood elements are added to furniture as a finishing touch, as it creates a visual softness and a natural tactile feel, which is popular with designers and businesses alike. Bisley also supplies bespoke wooden storage which can be designed, manufactured and installed to meet unique fitting requirements. Bisley works with designers, architects and contractors to ensure that all aspects, from assistance with purchasing to installation, are catered for.

Bisley products enhance spaces by providing intelligent, useful and often bespoke storage solutions which create organised environments. Its broad range of materials, and knowledge of how to use and combine them, means that whether a customer wants a custom-made timber-based unit with a specialist veneer or wood cladding on steel furniture, Bisley has the skills and the know-how to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality in both form and function.