When art meets brand: Event review

On Thursday 24 November Bisley hosted a conversation between James Burke, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Acrylicize and Roger Beckett, renowned publisher in the design world and founder of the international art competition, Pintar Rapidao.

The evening began with an introduction of the birth of brand and advertising and its relationship with art. Roger described how place-making and telling stories through art to create a brand is nothing new – giving the example of the tales in the beautiful frescos in the Sistine Chapel.  

James Burke then spoke about his early influences, in particular the Hip Hop culture and graffiti that shaped his early style in music, art and clothes.  He explained how university was a pivotal few years; the disconnect he felt with the abstract world of art and the public’s relationship with fine art shaped his work.  Serendipitously one of James’ dissertation projects, was a Bisley filing, cabinet, on a plinth, full of his work!

Desire for accessibility and availability of art for all and has helped James build a hugely successful business that helps to tell the brand stories of its clients.  James shared how he and his team create and develop thought provoking and visually exciting artistic statements. Their approach, at its heart, it all about doing the research - understanding what that brand and/or location represents, its history and the using that information to create a unique and individual story. 

Videos and highlights of the discussions will be available soon