What’s in your locker? The teacher

This summer we’ve been meeting up with some regular locker users getting to find out just what they keep in there and how their locker plays an essential part in their day to day lives.

In the last of our series, we catch up with Michelle

Michelle is a teacher in a secondary school in East London. 

How many lockers are there in the school?  
Oooh there's hundreds, actually thousands of lockers. There's about 900 students so they each have one and then lockers for each of the teachers and other staff that work at there, so yeah over a thousand. 

Are you assigned your own locker? 
We are. I've had mine for years now. It's funny how you can become a bit fond of your locker. I wouldn't like to have another one, I like the one I have. 

How important is a locker to you at the school?
Very important. For me personally, it means I can store things safely in there overnight should I need to. 

What do you keep in your locker? 
My handbag and my swimming kit. I usually go swimming straight after work so a locker is really handy to have. I also keep teacher type things including books, papers that I have marked and actually ones I still need to mark. I also have my packed lunch in there too (very important) and a little mid-afternoon treat.