What's in your locker? The student

This summer we’ve been meeting up with some regular locker users getting to find out just what they keep in there and how their locker plays an essential part in their day to day lives. In part three we talk to Skye the student

Skye is studying Footwear Design at Leicester de Montfort University.

How many lockers are there at the University?
Gosh, there's a fair amount, we have maybe 30 lockers in each studio room.

Are you assigned your own locker?
We don’t have our own lockers but we definitely need them. I need them to store work and materials in the studios. Actually, lockers are really good to put your bag in especially when you pop out for lunch. You know your things will be safe.

How important is a locker to you as a student?
It’s really important as we don’t want to leave our work out as it could get ruined or stolen - these pieces feel like life or death to us after working day and night on them!

What do you keep in your locker?
I keep paper, materials, moulds and anything I’m working on. I sometimes keep inspirational books in there so I can quickly and easily access them when I need to. As a student, you need to be inspired so it's good to have books and magazines at hand, that's why we need our lockers.