What's in your locker? The retail worker

This summer we’ve been meeting up with some regular locker users getting to find out just what they keep in there and how their locker plays an essential part in their day to day lives. Part four is all about retail worker Jack.

Jack works in a department store as an Account Manager for a prestigious make up brand. 

How many lockers are there in the department store?  
Oh hundreds, there's a whole floor dedicated to lockers. You have lockers for all store and shop floor staff, merchandisers who come in over night to set up the store and the Head Office people are always popping in too. 

Are you assigned your own locker? 
Yes as I'm a permanent member of staff which makes it easy for me to find mine. The locker floor is like a maze, there's just so many of them. 

How important is a locker to you in retail? 
It’s absolutely vital. Did you know you're not allowed anything on the shop floor? So you literally have to keep everything in your locker. 

What do you keep in your locker? 
My designer man bag and my wallet. My iPad which I watch on my tea and lunch breaks and my iPhone. We're not even allowed phones on the shop floor. There's also a random pair of shoes in there just in case I decide to go from shop floor to after work drinks.