What’s in your locker? The nurse

This summer we’ve been meeting up with some regular locker users to find out just what they keep in there and how their locker plays an essential part in their day to day lives. Part two of our series features Laura the nurse.

Laura is a Community Paediatric Nurse at the Hounslow and Richmond Community Care Trust (HRCH).

How important is the role of a locker in your day to day work life?
I'm on the road a lot so I need a locker to put those all-important essentials in. I used to keep everything in my car but it just got too messy, so a locker comes in handy for that. 

How many lockers are there at your place of work? 
There's a good fair few, around about 25+. But when I used to work at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) there was a lot more. It's a much bigger hospital so lockers are really useful in that environment. 

Are you assigned your own locker? 
Yes. Thank goodness, I wouldn't like anyone to see what I keep in there! 

What do you keep in your locker?
My mug. Lots of paracetamol. Randomly, some uniform trousers that are too big which I must remember to send back. A cardigan (as the aircon in the office drives me mad!). Some random bits of paper, pens and the most important of all...some chocolate for emergencies! Actually, talking about it I really should #tidymylocker