Primary Lockers: Built to last

Primary Lockers by Bisley is a range of robust, versatile, and hard-wearing lockers designed to store workwear and personal belongings safely and securely with ease.

Spanning a range of sizes and configurations, Primary Lockers are available in a range of standard colours, with moulded feet, and perfect-sized compartments – making them ideal for changing rooms and customer-facing cloakrooms. The lockers are designed to work around the space and capacity that is available, and feature a number of locking options to suit the needs of the workplace.

The range is also available to order in galvanized steel, protecting the lockers from daily wear and tear while preventing rusting - ensuring they are able to stand the test of time. The lockers can also be coated with anti-microbial paint that works actively against microbes to prevent them appearing, helping to diminish the growth of bacteria - maintaining a healthy work environment.

Within the Primary Lockers range, there are six different types of lockers to choose from. The Everyday Locker provides essential, durable, and secure storage for the workforce, with an option of choosing either a bank of ‘nests’ of up to four lockers, or single lockers, depending on space and requirement.

The Police Locker is made from two compartments and has been designed and built to meet industry standards, providing a space that is large enough to stow away bulky headwear and equipment. The Combi Locker features a series of shelves on one side and a narrow hanging space on the other, making it easy to separate and categorize your belongings.

The Clean and Dirty locker ensure that clothes can be separated and hung within its dedicated compartment. With the addition of shelving above, there’s a space to store other accessories and equipment easily. The Two Person locker within the Primary Locker range features two secure doors that are both private to the designated user and include hanging space for clothes inside. There are also two smaller lockers located at the top of the unit making this an ideal option for smaller spaces.

The Twin Locker is a tall and sturdy option, providing ample hanging space for longer items of clothing, such as overalls. With two separate doors incorporated into one unit, the locker is suitable for two users, similarly to the Two Person Lockers.

Bisley Resellers Sales Director, Geoff Lea said; “I was looking for a comprehensive locker range that would compete against others and we have it in Primary Lockers! The feedback has been very positive, and I am confident that we will continue to develop a significant locker business over the coming years.”

Primary lockers: Built to last.

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