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Five reasons why we think our updated LateralFile Lodges would be a great addition to your workplace

  1. They’re silent

    Locker doors slamming in school corridors is a chilling memory for many. Luckily, this is a sound you’ll never hear again with our LateralFile Lodges, as soft-close hinges come as standard. As do double-skin doors, which are not only more attractive and stronger, but they also help to dampen sound. You can reduce workplace noise even further by opting for our special acoustic doors.

  2. They’re powerful

    Lockers become charging stations. Our LateralFile Lodges let users securely power up throughout the day. Plug in or connect via USB, no need to leave devices on desks or in corridors, and no excuses for flat batteries.

  3. They’re secure

    Electronic, barrel and key or RFID, whatever suits you, and your Facilities Management team. All our locks are easy to use, but we haven’t yet worked out how to stop people losing keys or cards or forgetting codes. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea if all our locking solutions came with central controls and override options.

  4. They’re colourful

    We tried to work out how many door and carcass colour combinations were possible, but we gave up, even before we added in the wood finish options. It’s safe to say it’s a lot, thousands, maybe even millions! So, if you’re looking to customise your workspace or co-ordinate it with your brand or to fit team personalities, LateralFile Lodges will do a fine job.

  5. They’re multitasking

    Choose double height for hanging coats or stowing cabin bags. Choose easy to access drawers at ground level to avoid the ungainly squat. Choose planter tops for relaxing greenery. Choose to use banks as space dividers for extra working areas. Choose adding counter tops and power for additional meeting places. Choose postal slots. Choose picture frames or business card holders. Choose whatever works for your business.

    Tempted? Take a closer look? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6CAoTPwSpg