Natural collaboration with DLG

Direct Line Group is one of Britain’s leading insurers. Through its six brands, Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege, Green flag, NIG and Brand Partners, the Group employs 11,000 people in the UK. Of those, 900 work in The Wharf, one of two offices in central Leeds, and the first of their locations that Bisley is helping to re-vamp.

Direct Line Group engaged Bisley in a three-year programme to contribute to an update of their entire estate. Rob Slater, Head of Workplace said “Our rebrand gave us the perfect opportunity to embark on refurbishing all our offices.  Bisley worked shoulder-to-shoulder with us to specify, and in some cases design bespoke furniture, that reflects our brand personality and gives us flexible and inspiring spaces to work in”.

Be by Bisley desks provided the perfect solution for Direct Line Groups dynamic environment. Rob continued “our mission is to make insurance easier and better value for our customers. The way we interact with customers is evolving which means we need to provide spaces where collaboration can come naturally. The 600 streamline Be desks allow us to do this and the 10 break out spaces, or pods, with small tables are ideal for impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions.  For more formal occasions Bisley have provided us with three board room tables”. 

The five-floor open plan office space is designed to contribute to a communicative and productive environment, and to keep it welcoming they operate a clear desk policy. Desks can be used by numerous people meaning static under desk storage isn’t appropriate, so Direct Line Group chose bespoke SystemFile lockers for their employees to store personal items. Each employee is allocated a locker and they include brightly coloured doors which match their brand palette. Coloured desk screens, also supplied by Bisley, add to this scheme. SystemFile drawer units with planter tops are used to divide areas and provide some energy-giving greenery.

Bisley has also provided home-appropriate desks for over 50 permanent home workers.  Once a desk has been requested and approved by Direct Line Group, we co-ordinate delivery and installation direct with the home workers via our customer service team. 

We decided to work with Bisley because they made things simple for us. They were almost a ‘one-stop-shop’ supplying many of the items we needed and they offered us the bespoke developments we wanted, working closely with our workplace manager and IT team to create a solution that works for us. And of course it goes without saying that the quality of their product is great” said Rob.