Meet us in Milan

The team here at Bisley is very excited to announce that we’ll be playing a part in Salone del Mobile 2017. We’re teaming up with Disegno, the leading design, architecture and fashion magazine, to present a panel discussion which will explore what value privacy holds in todays’ hyper-connected world.

Society's expectations of what is private and what is public have changed rapidly with the advent of social media and the rise of digital and physical surveillance. All aspects of a person's life can be tracked quickly and easily online, with little left undocumented and unknown. 

As well as examining society's changing intuitions around privacy, the talk will pay special attention to how designers are responding to this revolution. Disegno has always championed inspiring discussion around design, fashion and architecture and this talk will bring experts – designer Jurgen Bey; Curator of Cotemporary Product Design at the V&A, Corinna Gardner and design studio Parsons & Charlesworth - together in front of a live audience for an in-depth discussion about the relationship between privacy and design. 

The discussion will take place at the stunning Atelier Clerici situated in the Palazzo Clerici. In the courtyard of Atelier Clerici will be an installation by the prestigious design school, Open Design School Matera, which will undoubtedly make it a top destination and a highlight of the festival. 

Want to join us for breakfast on Wednesday 5 April to hear industry leaders discuss 'Privacy in the Age of Hyperconnectivity'? Please email us at and we’ll send you an invitation. 

Salone del Mobile 2017 takes place 4 – 7 April in Milan.