Meet our apprentices

Apprentices are the lifeblood of businesses today and Bisley is no exception; we’ve employed and supported apprentices for over 20 years now. To celebrate our apprentices, we met up with some of them to find out more about their life at Bisley.

Today, we speak to Bailey Penn. Bailey is in the third year of an apprenticeship in Maintenance. His team repair machines which have broken down and make sure they’re up and running again as soon as possible. They also perform routine checks, take measures to prevent break downs from occurring and service machines to prolong their running life.

Describe a typical day.
Well sometimes when you come to work, it can be absolutely manic with breakdowns which require you to be out and about most of the day. Other times it can be fairly quiet, which gives you the chance to do some preventative maintenance to stop breakdowns from happening. It all depends on what the machines decide to do!

What attracted you to working for Bisley?
I was already knew loads about the company because my dad has been working in Bisley’s Maintenance department for the past sixteen years and he’s always telling me what a great place it is to work. I wanted to follow the same career path as him and do my apprenticeship somewhere I was familiar with and somewhere I felt comfortable, so it was definitely the right place for me.

How much did you know about maintenance before starting your apprenticeship?
I knew about maintenance in a different form, as in my spare time I liked fixing cars so I had a lot of the skills you need for a job in maintenance. But, I didn’t know that much about the type of maintenance that I’m doing now until I had a look around the factory and started my apprenticeship.

How does this compare to what you know now?
The knowledge you get from it is unreal. In the first couple of years, you’re not entirely sure how all everything you learn is connected, but in your third year, everything clicks and you have a better understanding of what you’re doing and how everything works. My first year involved a lot of observation, but when you get to this point in your apprenticeship you become a lot more independent. You begin to trust yourself more, because before I kept asking for help but now I’ve become a lot more confident.

What are some of your responsibilities?
As well as all the breakdowns and other maintenance tasks I’m given at work, I’m expected to get my qualifications and do well in my apprenticeship so that I can become a fully qualified maintenance technician. I also have to make sure I get all the boys their breakfast in the morning!

What object or tool could you not live without at work?
It would have to be my snips for cutting wires and cable ties. They’re very sturdy so they’re great for cutting through tough materials.

How have you developed on a personal level throughout your apprenticeship?
I’ve become more mature. It’s very different to being in school as you have a lot more responsibility so I’ve had to grow up very quickly.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Super speed – so I could do everything way quicker than I do now.