Meet our apprentices

Apprentices are the lifeblood of businesses today and Bisley is no exception; we’ve employed and supported apprentices for over 20 years now. To celebrate our apprentices, we met up with some of them to find out more about their life at Bisley.

Today, we get to know Ieuan Evans, named after arguably the greatest winger in Welsh rugby history.

Ieuan is a first-year apprentice in our Tool Room. After spending the first few months at college, he has been working with our tool making team since January. Ieuan is observing and learning the design, crafting and maintenance of the tools needed to manufacture our products. He provides our tool making team with assistance and support wherever it is required.

What attracted you to undertake an apprenticeship?
After finishing school, I looked for an option that would allow me to go straight into work while gaining more qualifications. An apprenticeship was the best possible route. I’m being trained in the career I aspire to and I’m receiving the academic knowledge to back this. A big bonus is earning money while gaining the skills that will shape my future.

How did you prepare for your apprenticeship?
Since I was unsure what to expect at first, I watched engineering programmes on YouTube, which fascinated me. By observing these videos, I developed a better idea of what engineering work would be like. I enjoyed watching these videos, so it made me even more enthusiastic about beginning my apprenticeship.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship in tool making?
It provides me with a variety of opportunities. An apprenticeship in tool making opens the door for many careers in the engineering sector and it provides me with more transferable skills. After completing my apprenticeship, I can choose to remain in tool making, or work in maintenance, machine operations or electrics. The options are endless!

What achievement are you most proud of, to date?
I was happy when I passed my electrical NVQ, which is a practical and evidence based qualification. This lets me know that I’m taking the right approach, even though I’m in the early stages of my training. I have achieved a great amount academically and passed all my assignments so far. This gives me great confidence in my ability to accomplish even more in my apprenticeship.

How do you juggle all your tasks at work?
Prioritisation is key. I always identify which task is most important, give it my full attention first and tackle the rest of my work after this. I’m in the early stages of my apprenticeship, but I expect it will soon become more challenging and require me to play a bigger role in my team. Organising my work and focusing on what’s most important is a skill that will be even more crucial as I progress through my career.

What has been your main learning point so far?
Independence. In addition to skills passed on by other members of the team, I’ve been teaching myself other aspects of my job such as filing and hand fitting. The ability to think for yourself and to do this quickly and accurately is vital in the Tool Room, as many situations require you to rely on yourself and your own knowledge.

What surprised you the most about working for Bisley?
The scale of everything. On top of the good impression I had of the company when I first applied, I was pleased to discover how big and far reaching it was. The factory and warehouse are enormous and we ship to customers globally. I was very pleased to find out that we’ve worked with big brands such as Google and Twitter, as it gives me even more pride in completing my apprenticeship at Bisley.

Do you have any special saying or expressions?
“Keep moving forward” is the statement I live by. I’m always striving to improve my performance and keep progressing.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I enjoy spending time with my grandfather and helping him fix various items around his home. He prefers to spend his time mending items himself rather than simply buying something new. It’s always entertaining to work with him on and hear about his tales from the past!