Five reasons why lockers are an office must

There’s far more to lockers than hiding a smelly sports kit and keeping the office tidy. As we look to return to the office following the pandemic, lockers can help give colleagues a place to safely stow their belongings, as well as keep both the workplace and themselves safe. Here are 5 suggestions why lockers are an office must in 2021:

1. The way we work is changing

We may still be waiting for the completely paperless office, but there is no doubt that we’re filing far fewer documents than we used to thanks to digital storage. This, coupled with more flexible and agile working, means that the need for personal storage is outstripping the demand for work-only storage in the office. And, as it looks likely that offices will become less about being tethered to a desk and more about congregation and collaboration, , we still need somewhere to keep our belongings and valuables.

2. Security

People are bringing more and more high value items to work such as laptops, tablets and sports equipment. According to a survey by retailer McArtherGlen, the average cost of the contents of a handbag is £521, so a safe place to stow items is essential. Particularly if you consider the slightly alarming Home Office crime figure that states that one-third of ‘theft of personal property’ takes place at work, security is paramount to any modern office.

3. Creating space

Lockers reduce the need for desk-based storage and can be used as visual and traffic barriers between groups and departments in open plan offices. For added flexibility, counter tops and power units can be installed on top of standing-height units for additional touch-down or meeting areas. Or, if you want playful, how about a creating a surface for table tennis or football?

4. Personalisation

Using a mixture of colours and materials on locker doors is a simple and cost effective way to make a statement and to reflect company culture and brand. Easily changed or upgraded, striking results can be produced, especially if the other furniture is mainly grey or white. Postal slots and moveable internal fittings are common customisable additions and employees can be given the freedom to personalise their locker with an identifying photo and internal accessories.

5. A sense of belonging

With communal workspaces and nomadic working potentially becoming the norm, having somewhere for people to keep personal things is increasingly important, giving individuals a space of their own and peace of mind. After being away from the workplace for prolonged periods, many might miss a sense of comfort in the workplace. It’s not easy to create an agile working environment that works for everyone, but making people feel like they’re working in a ‘home from home’ through clearly identified and individual stowage spaces helps keep people connected and feeling part of the team.

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