Designing for people to thrive

If you look at work as the task of achieving the purpose of a business, then it probably hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. But if you look at how we work today, then technology has changed everything, at least for those of us who work in offices.

We’re no longer tethered to a specific location. Offices are, or are becoming, places where people congregate to collaborate, not somewhere you have to go for the daily 9-5. We have to ask why we even go to an office when we’re always virtually attached to our colleagues and systems? Is this a problem or an opportunity for businesses and those that create office environments? 

We were delighted to have Andy Swann, Consultant at BDG and founder of All About People, at our recent Designing for Modern Work event. His view was that we need to design offices for belonging and community and create places where people want to be and in which they can thrive. We managed to nab him for a few minutes before the discussion to find out what he really thinks about designing for work today. You can watch his thoughts in the video below. 

Andy also discussed how we’re in the age of platforms and communities - the much talked about Uberization effect – and if should organisations be following suit? Should businesses focus on creating a platform, in this case a physical space, for employees and customers to converge around so communities are created organically, rather than trying to encourage behaviours through fixtures and fittings? 

If you’d like to see more from Andy, Felix and the rest of our expert panel, you can watch the discussion in full here. And please share your thoughts on these topics below.