Creative storage

Acrylicize is an award-winning multidisciplinary creative practice that blend art and design to explore identity. Through a blend of Art, Interior Design and Brand exploration they create unique and engaging art installations.

Bisley first collaborated with Acrylicize during this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, where the incredible Bisley ‘Workflow’ fountain designed by Acrylicize was unveiled. Whilst visiting their studios when working on the fountain project it was apparent that new storage was needed for their creative hub. We worked with them to provide contemporary storage solutions for their inspiring offices in Shoreditch, London.

The storage we provided them with suits the creative atmosphere of their office, whilst allowing them to organise themselves efficiently. They selected Plan Files as part of their storage, which will allow them to safely store plans in different sizes and formats to suit their artistic needs. In addition, they selected different height Essentials Lodges and combination units to provide personal storage for their team. The result is an inspiring office environment that reflects the Acrylicize individual aesthetic whilst producing an agile working environment.

James Burke creative director & founder of Acrylicize says: “As a creative studio we have a lot of projects on the go, anything from art work created with Lego to a 40 metre high light installation so storage has always been challenging. After working with Bisley creating ‘Workflow’ we discovered their fantastic range of storage solutions and definitely wanted to incorporate them into our studio”.


Here is what their office looked like before they worked with us:

Here is their office now, looking great with our products!