Press release: Bisley to host Royal College of Art for Blueprint for the Future

Bisley, the British storage specialist, is teaming up with Blueprint magazine and the Royal College of Art for the architectural magazine’s Blueprint for the Future initiative. The event, which takes place from the 17th to 19th July, showcases work of some of the brightest, most interesting Architectural and Interior Design students.

The postgraduate students from leading colleges and universities, as selected by Blueprint Magazine, will be participating in a multi-site exhibition which gives them the chance to promote their work by pairing up with established showrooms located in the heart of the UK’s design and architecture community, Clerkenwell. Bisley will be welcoming students from the acclaimed Royal College of Art to its new showroom on Dallington Street.

Professor Graeme Brooker, Head of the Interior Design Programme at the Royal College of Art says:

“This exhibition will present a fascinating display of spaces and objects created by an outstanding year of students.”

The students from the college that will be exhibiting at Bisley include:

  • Corina Thomas - Castra Logica
  • Yun Cheng - Goods in goods out: Museum of Trading History in the East End of London
  • Felix Graf - A pulpit
  • Danping (Danna) Yu - London, Afternoon tea lounge in No 1 Poultry
  • Jieun Jun - ‘Bang’ bang all over you (New Forms of (un)Privacy for Living in Singapore)
  • Joseph Dalgleish - The Intersection of Margins
  • Jack Swanson - Parliament of Next Britain
  • Joana Ribeiro - New Ground
  • Jingwen Zhou - Art Bookshop
  • Pierre Shaw - Multiplicities of Self: Realities of pluralised identity in the transnational-state, or OFO
  • Marie Ramsing - Aesthetics of Appearance
  • Scott Lee - Wasted

In addition to the multi-site exhibition, Blueprint, which was launched in 1983 and became the first magazine to cross the boundaries between design and architecture, will be hosting two lively seminars tackling the future of architectural education and practice – something these graduating students and the architects of tomorrow, have a lot to say about.

Beth Hughes, Head of the Architecture Programme at the Royal College of Art says:

“The Royal College of Art are extremely grateful to Bisley and Blueprint magazine for supporting the next creative generation.”

Bisley’s new showroom demonstrates how storge can define the office landscapes to facilitate every kind of work, so should prove the perfect place to display the intricate and intelligent designs of these Architecture and Interior Design students.

Entry to the Blueprint for the Future exhibitions and seminars is free. Register via: